Water and Flood Damage

The trapped moisture in your home especially in your carpets serves as a breeding ground for mold. Once a home or business sustains water damage, the owner often decides to discard the wet carpet completely. There are options available where you can choose the best method for dealing with your particular situation, instead of throwing out your expensive carpets.

There are different degrees of damages, and they are based on the severity of harm occurred in your home. These also depend on the flood control program that you apply in the community. Knowing how water flows in your area will give us an idea on how we can best deal with the damages and easily fix them.

Flood water will always be unsanitary, whatever the color is. As soon as we have determined the kind of the water damage, we can easily supply you with recommendations to take care of the condition. Carpet and padding may need to be removed completely even if the flood is just minimal or if the water came from leaking water pipes. These were exposed to water and can be a mold host, that is why they should be discarded and replaced. Carpets that were submerged in unhygienic flood water should be replaced right away. Since most unsanitary floods are from shattered sewage pipes, they can be unhygienic and toxic. Blackwater flood is grossly unsanitary and contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria, and fungi that can cause severe discomfort or sickness. Aside from replacing your carpet, you should check for any residue on the floor that should be avoided to prevent damage to the replacement carpets you may install. With this info presented, you can easily determine what kind of service you will need.