Discolored Carpet Restoration

There are a variety of causes that can be the culprit making the yellow stains appear in your carpets. Staining of carpets is more prevalent near fireplaces, flame cooking, furnaces and other open flame sources. Same with animal secretions and common beverages, they can cause stubborn patches on the floor covers.

Acid rinse treatment is one the best solution in dealing with carpets with stains. Certain carpets would experience changes their pigment once it made contact with an acid rinse. Carpets will return to their former color once our carpet technicians have started their restoration process with their specialized tools.

By breaking down the heavy stains in your carpet, our carpet technicians will be able to revert your carpets to look like new. We value your money, that is why our cleaners are committed to providing the best customer service to make sure your trust is worth it.

Our service can cater any carpet stains that you have and we can assist you round the clock. Call us and have it dealt today.